I hereby apply to open an account with longflourishrc.com, and agree to all the following terms of sale:
I understand and affirmatively agree that products bought through longflourishrc.com will NOT be exported, resold, nor used for the development or manufacture of chemical or biological weapons, nor used for the development or manufacture of controlled drugs, nor any purposes that outside of these terms of sale.
I understand that all longflourishrc.com materials are sold strictly for scientific research and development purposes ONLY, and are not intended for human use, veterinary use, nor therapeutic or diagnostic use.
I understand that Longflourishrc.com materials are for purchase only by qualified researchers with the knowledge and equipment to safely handle compounds for their intended application.
I understand that any communications indicating use other than for scientific research and development purposes may result in refusal of purchases and/or deletion of the relevant longflourishrc.com account.
I understand and affirmatively agree that materials bought through Longflourishrc.com could be classified as unapproved new drugs if they were sold for the purpose of consumption or administration to humans, but I specifically assert to longflourishrc.com that they will NOT be used for such purpose. I confirm and verify that longflourishrc.com is selling these materials to me solely for the purpose of scientific research and development.
The primary activity on the site is Analytical / Scientific Research.
My age is over 18, engaged in legitimate scientific research and development in the context of an organization, and apply sound judgment, thoughtfulness, and restraint in your research pursuits.
I have the equipment and background knowledge to accurately and repeatably measure the mass of a powder weighing between 1.0 mg and 20.0 mg to within 1mg accuracy and resolution.
I have appropriate protective equipment to handle highly bioactive research chemicals, such equipment includes disposable chemical resistant gloves, N95 respirator mask, safety goggles, eyewash station, a ventilated area which will rapidly and fully disperse any airborne particles, etc.
I understand that highly active research biochemicals must be handled with a great degree of care, that they have incompletely studied toxicological properties, that they may exhibit unwanted toxicity in amounts measured in as little as 10s of mg, and that accidental ingestion of or exposure to excessive amounts of such biochemicals may potentially cause severe negative health and/or psychological effects.
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